Enzina Mastrippolito, more commonly known as "Z", is a thoroughbred racehorse photographer based in Lexington, Kentucky. Z always says, "My name is alphabet soup. I never got 100% on a spelling test because I couldn't remember if it was 2 t's, 2 p's, or 2 l's in my last name." The one letter nickname has carried on throughout her life and into her career. Prior to becoming a photographer, Z studied fine art at Queens College in New York. Her background in fine art led to an expanded interest of all art forms beyond painting and drawing. After discovering the art of photography, she began her career as a catalog photographer in Kentucky. Z transitioned into the horse racing industry in 1983 and for the last 25 years, she had been associated with the former Thoroughbred Times. The Photos by Z team also includes photographers James Crisp, Courtney Stafford, Kirk Schlea, John Sommers, and Amy Wallot.